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Workers Compensation


The SC Workers Compensation Act provides a system for workers injured on the job to receive medical care and financial benefits without having to prove anyone is at fault. This is not a handout, but rather every employer who has 4 or more employees regularly pays insurance to the State for this benefit.


The worker is paid for the time he or she is out of work, except for the first 7 days, unless the disability period extends for more than 14 days. Besides medical benefits that are paid by the company’s insurer, the worker will get paid when certain body parts are permanently injured- even if there is only a partial loss of use.

How Will I be Compensated?

Workers who qualify will receive 2/3 of their Average Weekly Wage. These are not taxable. Benefits are payable for a maximum of 500 weeks. They will be paid for a lifetime if the worker is a paraplegic or quadriplegic.

What To Do If An Accident Occurs?

If injured on the job, a worker should immediately report the injury to a supervisor. Under SC State law, the employer has the right to choose which doctor treats the employee. The employee can choose their own doctor, but will have to pay for it on their own.

It is important that the worker report this injury to the employer within the first 909 days. To receive benefits a claim must be filed not later than 2 years of the injury.

If you have been injured while working on the job, contact us today, to receive the Workers Compensation you deserve.


Potential clients call us when they have had an accident or injury while working on the job at a federal site. These cases are filed depending upon the region where the accident or injury occurs. Here in South Carolina, cases are filed in the Southeast Region located in Jacksonville, Florida. Such cases are litigated under the Longshoreman’s Act.

Once a worker has an accident or injury on the job, he or she gives notice to their supervisor and then goes to get checked-out at a medical office of their choosing. This is one of the chief differences between State and Federal workers compensation claims; in Federal it is the injured worker who gets to choose the doctor or medical clinic and the employer has to pay for it.

Our firm has represented clients with all kinds of injuries where they are missing the use of a body part or limb and cannot work. These clients get their medical care paid while on a leave of absence, as well as get 2/3 of their paychecks. Sometimes they can continue working with the same employer in a job that is less strenuous and still get their medical bills paid. If the client has reached maximum medical improvement, but is left with a permanent impairment, then the client gets a final settlement.

Should a problem arise with the employer or the employer’s insurance carrier, then disputes are usually handled by an Informal Telephone Conference via Jacksonville, Florida.

If you have been injured while working for the Federal Government, contact our Federal Workers Compensation Attorney today and let us fight for you!

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