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Truck Accidents

When you're hit by a BIG TRUCK, you usually get big pain and suffering! Nobody wants to get hit by one of these things, but it happens frequently.

As a consequence, trucking companies must be insured by insurance companies at a minimum of $750,000. But they don't want to just give an injured person this money... you have to fight for it! Erickson Law firm will fight for you to obtain all of the money you deserve!

Attorney Eric Erickson has attended legal trucking seminars and stays current on the ever changing body of laws governing truck accidents. In February of this year he attended the legal seminar titled "Anatomy of a Truck Accident Case from Collision up to Trial." The laws are generally giving drivers more time to rest between loads so that they don't tire and drift over to your lane. But loads shift on turns and truck drivers don't always follow the safety rules.

The anatomy of a truck accident from wreck to settlement/trial will usually involve experts to handle: Accident Reconstruction, Corporate Safety Directors and Engineers, Safety Experts and Hospital Experts to review and explain any medical damages. Erickson Law Firm can obtain all of these experts and follow through with their reports, to help you win the settlement you deserve!

If you were involved in a Truck Accident in Beaufort, SC or Hilton Head, SC, please Contact Us Today, the faster we start the faster you can receive compensation.

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