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Social Security Disability

Social Security disability is something that all people earn while they are working. It is not a hand-out but rather the result of employers paying the federal government social security insurance for their workers who have earned this right.

2 kinds of Social Security Disability:

SSDI- This is when a person has a physical disability or illness that prevents the person from working any job, not just your own.

SSI- This is when a person has an inability to get a job and has assets of less than $2,000.00

Process of getting approved for SSDI:

  1. The process of applying for these benefits starts by the injured or ill person filling out a form either on the website or in the Social Security office and explaining why he or she cannot work.
  2. The person then will receive a letter in the mail of either a "denial" or a successful claim.
  3. If denied, call us as the person has an opportunity to appeal for a Reconsideration with 60 days.
  4. If denied at the Reconsideration level, call us. The person can appeal again for an Administrative Law Judge hearing.
  5. If denied again, call us as the person can appeal to the Appeals Council..
  6. If denied again, the person still has an opportunity to win by filing a claim in the United States District Court.

Process of getting approval for SSI:

This process involves the person going to the Social Security office and filling out an application. Normally, the attorney does not get involved with these applications because it only involves a person’s assets.

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