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Slip, Trip and Fall

In premises liability cases, where a landowner is held liable for injuries occurring on their property, these cases often involve a person either slipping on something, tripping on something and falling down to the ground injuring a body part.

As a result, a person can be seriously injured! Who is supposed to pay for these injuries anyway?

The right lawyer can figure out who in fact should pay for these injuries. At the Erickson Law Firm, we can make sure that you get these injuries documented, usually by an orthopedist.

This doctor will often award an "impairment rating" if the injury is of a "permanent" nature.

The Erickson Law Firm has represented clients who have fallen in stores, restaurants, parking lots and sprinkler heads, to name a few.

Let us assist you in getting a payment for both the injury and any lost wages during recovery. Contact Our Personal Injury Attorney in Beaufort, SC and Hilton Head, SC.

  • McPhee vs Sun City (2017)

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