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Medical and Dental Malpractice

20,000 patients.... that is how many patients Eric Erickson has performed in patient care for, while working as an emergency room doctor's assistant in the military. With his previous medical experience, training and medical knowledge received in the Army at the Sam Houston Sciences Center, Eric Erickson has the qualifications needed to assist with Medical and Dental Malpractice in the Beaufort, SC and HIlton Head , SC areas.

Eric Erickson is also proud of the fact that he comes from 3 generations of dental and oral surgeons (father, brother and nephew).

As a Medical and Dental Malpractice Attorney, Eric J. Erickson Law can also assist with injuries caused by the medical field, in the area of nursing malpractice, particularly when a person falls and fractures a leg, pelvis or arm as a result of negligence in the care received by the nurses.

If you have been injured in a medical or dental procedure, you should contact a Medical Malpractice Attorney today and discuss what compensation you may be entitled too!

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